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Ultimate Classic Trivia A-Z

A couple of years before the publication of this book, I published a trivia collection based on more than six years of leading a very successful weekly team trivia event with a group of seniors with whom I had worked in a residential setting. Knowing that trivia was such a popular activity and that so many activity directors and leaders everywhere have such a limited amount of time to compile and organize such material in the same way I had been able to, I decided to make my work available.

What you are looking at truly is the ultimate resource for real trivia fans. Not only is this book chock full of nearly 3,000 classic trivia questions in over 250 categories literally from A to Z, but every answer has been thoroughly researched and, unlike any other trivia book or online quiz you have come across, the answers also include notes and even web links to confirm those answers and provide a fun basis for additional conversation and learning — even more so with the Kindle version, with even more links to relevant information within the answer that you can click on and discover even more background about that answer!
Hours upon hours, months and months of work and research have gone into the creation of this book, and I can guarantee you will not find another trivia book anywhere that is anything like this one!
So . . . go for it . . . challenge your memory and that of your friends . . . and . . .well . . . just have fun!!!
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