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Trivia A–Z for Seniors

This book is the culmination of about six years of weekly team trivia I designed and led for residents at a senior living community where I worked for nearly 10 years. It began almost as a fluke and quickly developed into one of the most popular and consistently successful activities in the community. Although the questions are generally geared toward baby boomers and above, the material here can be fun and educational for any age.

The book is laid out in the same general format of 10-question rounds that I utilized in weekly sessions with my own residents, as that seems to have worked well with regard to both time and attention. Also, this format allows group leaders in any setting to easily pull out what they would like to use for a particular event without having to spend valuable time researching and organizing individual sessions themselves. You will notice that the questions for each round are on one page, with answers immediately following on the next. Unlike so many trivia collections out there, the material in this new 2nd Edition has been thoroughly researched and notated throughout, with links to relevant websites, so this new edition can be as educational as it is fun!

My hope is that you’ll find these pages fun and useful for years to come, whether you’re involved with a senior living community or local community center, RV park or wherever seniors may gather, or you may simply love trivia yourself and enjoy sharing with friends and family members of any age!

In any case . . . ENJOY & HAVE FUN!!!
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