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The Retiring Mind

How to Make the Psychological Transition to Retirement

If one or more of the following characteristics describe you, you may be at risk for suffering unpleasant mood swings and depression after retirement.
• You work long hours and are successful in your career.
• You are highly focused and motivated.
• You enjoy competition and winning.
• You have an aggressive or assertive personality.
• You enjoy achieving difficult and challenging goals.
• You have few outside interests not connected with your work.

This book, based upon the author’s own personal experiences, leads readers on a journey of psychological and spiritual insights designed to help them cope with the challenges of this often difficult passage. It takes them through a series of self-analytical processes that identify their unique personality types, and offers guidelines, tailored to each type, for making a successful transition to retirement.

Robert Delamontagne Ph.D. is the President of Fairview Imprints LLC and a leading expert on the psychological dynamics of retirement. He is the author of The Retiring Mind® Series, which are books dedicated to helping retirees manage the negative psychological effects often experienced after retirement. He is the founder and past chairman of EduNeering, Inc. (now UL). He obtained a Ph.D in educational psychology from Georgia State University and currently lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania and Marco Island, Florida with his wife Sherrilyn. He may be reached at