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The Big Ordeal

Coping with cancer is hard. It is an emotional ordeal as well as a physical one, with known and somewhat predictable psychological responses. And yet, patients often feel isolated and alone when dealing with the stress, anxiety, depression, and existential crises so typical with a cancer diagnosis.The Big Ordeal, written in collaboration with a psychologist and two oncologists, tackles the emotional side of the experience head-on, to help newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones anticipate, understand, and deal with the psychological turmoil ahead. Based on interviews with scores of patients and experts across a variety of fields, combining patient stories with medical insights and advice from those who have been there, and structured around the typical phases of the process, this book is an accessible resource for anyone who receive a cancer diagnosis.

Learn about the typical emotional experience, the science behind those emotions and how to cope with it all, from medical experts and those who have been there.