Sit With Me at Sundown: Patriotic Poetry for the Young at Heart

Do you struggle to engage your loved one living with dementia?

Are they difficult to soothe during times of agitation or sundowning?

Is it hard to make conversation and to encourage meaningful interaction?

Nana’s Books™ can help you reconnect through classic, nostalgic poetry, thoughtfully paired with magnificent fine art. Each book in the series is specially designed to facilitate sharing and relaxation. Recognizable poetry and delightful images blend to bring your loved one a successful, stress-free experience with materials they can enjoy again and again. The themes are upbeat, peaceful and carefully selected to elicit recollections of simpler times. Each book contains 20 simple, heartwarming poems with a corresponding 8.5” x 11” full color image to be shared or enjoyed independently.

Nana’s Books™ meet the needs of those living with brain changes in a dignified, respectful way. These are not children’s books repurposed for people living with dementia, but classics re-mastered to accommodate those in cognitive decline --while promoting cognitive and social engagement. Enhanced quality of life through compassionate design is at the heart of every book in the series.


Full color images
Consistent, predictable layout
16-point large print, sans serif font
Familiar (8.5” x 11”) magazine size, easy to slip into a bag or purse
Lightweight with soft, wipeable cover
Visually similar covers across the series
No mention of memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia
Books in the ‘Sit With Me at Sundown’ Series:

Life’s Journeys

A nostalgic walk down memory lane.
Poems for Patriots

A patriotic salute to veterans of the American Armed Services.
Poems of Faith

Devotional poetry and hymns.
Birds of a Feather

Uplifting poetry featuring the wonder of birds.
Flowers of Yesteryear

A sentimental journey in flowers.
Love Poems I Remember

Romantic poetry.
A Sailor’s Valentine

Keepsake poems of the sea.
Nanas’s Books™ make great gifts for anyone experiencing brain changes: stroke, Parkinson’s, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), in palliative or hospice care.

Nana’s Books ™are powerful resources in recreation, reminiscence, occupational, validation and life review therapies.

Notes for Caregivers

Sit beside your loved one in a quiet, well-lit place that is free of shadows or distractions.
Put the book on a pillow between you for support.
Allow your loved one to turn the pages and to pause to reflect and discuss anything they like.
Make simple declarative statements about what you like and ask open-ended questions. Receive all answers with positivity, as there are no right or wrong answers.
Follow the discussion wherever it goes. A positive experience is the only goal.
Leave Nana’s Books™ in an easily accessible place where they can enjoy it on their own or with other visitors or care partners.
Give the gift of Nana’s Books!