Sit With Me at Sundown; Devotional Poetry for the Young at Heart: Poems of Faith

Nostalgic poetry brings people joyful connection with their pasts as it reaffirms identity and sense of wellbeing.
For those living with brain changes, it is an invitation back into art and literature to restore the spirit.
NANA’S BOOKS award-winning poetry series showcases short, mindfully selected, familiar poems paired with magnificent artworks to inspire reminiscence and cognitive engagement. These large-format books are ‘jewel boxes’ from yesteryear,
to be shared again and again.


NANA’S BOOKS can be enjoyed independently in early-stages, with a care partner in middle-stages,
and as a melodic read-aloud for those in later stages, palliative care and hospice.
NANA’S BOOKS soothe sundowning and transitions in all stages, and provide a beautiful picture walk at any time.


NANA’S BOOKS are created to comfort by a Certified Dementia Practitioner and literacy specialist. They are endorsed by ALZ Authors, ALZ Speaks, Understanding Neurocognitive and are the winner of a 2021 MAUDE’S AWARD for Innovation
in Alzheimer’s Care for Making Connections.


Short, full-length poems, not poem fragments
8.5 x 11 inches to facilitate sharing and accommodate low vision
Magnificent fine art images to elicit fond recollections via visual stimulation
Intact melodic poetry to honor the reader, listener, and poet
Thoughtful pairings of art and poetry to aid cognition
Diverse, inclusive books to honor all readers
Dignified content, selected to inspire and lend a sense of confidence
16 point large print, dementia-friendly font
Moving, relatable images of people in all stages in life
Engaging themes to delight both reader and listener
Vetted content to foster meaningful conversation
Caregiver friendly to take along on any virtual or in-person visit
No reference to Alzheimer’s or dementia
Ideal to read-aloud to individuals and/or small groups

NANA’S BOOKS are trusted resources in adult day care, memory care, clinical, hospital, pastoral, palliative,
and hospice care settings.
They are valuable tools for speech, validation, cognitive stimulation, life review and occupational therapies.