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My Badass Advocate 90 Day Journal

A 90-day journey of self-discovery specifically designed for family caregivers and patient advocates. Each day, your journal will set you up for success by leading you through mindful reflection exercises and giving you space for strategizing.

By using My Badass Advocate Journal daily, you will:
Feel empowered, organized, and ready to face the day
Begin to balance taking care of the patient and yourself
Discover more peace by exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Don’t wait.

Start using My Badass Advocate Journal and unlock the benefits of being a Badass Advocate today.

If you are looking for more knowledge and practices, check out Badass Advocate: Becoming the Champion Your Loved One Deserves. Combining what you learn in Badass Advocate with the My Badass Advocate Journal will empower you to get your loved one the care they deserve.

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