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Money is Emotional

Prevent Your Heart From Hijacking Your Wallet
If money is emotional, then why do we persist in trying to manage our personal finances logically? We already know what it takes to become financially healthy: spend less than we make, pay down our debt, and save more money. Money management books, tools, and techniques abound, yet most of us don’t utilize them. Maybe you’ve adopted the practice of ignoring money problems until they are barreling down on you like a tidal wave, as I once did. I know what it feels like to be drowning financially.

I’d like to propose a better alternative, one that doesn’t require you to eat beans and rice or to spend hours updating budget spreadsheets. My approach to personal finance is called “Mindful Money Management”. It is unique in that it harnesses the power of your emotions, so they can propel you forward like a rocket booster towards your Preferred Financial Destination.
Yes, money is emotional, but you can prevent your heart from hijacking your wallet. Let me show you how.

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