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Manage Money Like a Boss

A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs
"Manage Money Like a Boss will profoundly shift the way you think about money and entrepreneurship. Christine lays out a simple, yet profound strategy for creative entrepreneurs to succeed financially in business, and as she writes, 'change the world for the better.'" ~ Barbara (Stanny) Huson, bestselling author of Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles You’re doing what you love for a living, making a business out of your creativity, whether it’s photography, fashion, music, marketing, writing, or crafting the perfect microbrew. The only problem? Managing your business finances is a serious drag. Accounting is confusing. Taxes are scary. And most financial experts you know are intimidating. (Are they speaking another language?) You deserve financial guidance that’s simple to understand and implement, from someone who honors and appreciates your creativity. As both a writer and an accountant, I love both words and numbers. I will demystify money for you so it can become your best employee, rather than your worst nightmare. This isn’t just a book about business finance. We dive deep into some surprising things that impact your bottom line, to help you make more money, get more customers, and look like a pro. I will give you both the confidence and competence to manage your money like a BOSS.

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