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Join The Smart Home Revolution

Make Your Home Safe, Efficient, and More Fun

Join the Smart Home Revolution!
What is a smart home and why should you want one? If you're asking yourself this question, this is the book for you!
Written by Ryan Herd, AKA, The Smart Guy, Join the Smart Home Revolution is chock full of information and advice on where to start the smart home process.
Here are just some of the questions you'll find the answers to in this enlightening new book on all things smart home:
• How can a smart home help me be safer in my house?
• Isn't a smart home just a cool home theater? ( it's's so much more!)
• What rooms in my home can be made smart?
• Isn't smart home expensive?
• What happens if my power or internet goes out?
• And so much more!
You won't want to miss out on all of the expertise that Ryan shares with you in this informational new book. It will help you figure out where to start on your project, what products to use, and how much easier and more fun and convenient your life will be when you make your home smart.