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Encouragement Notebook

Who is this notebook for?

Everyone who feels inspired by Teepa Snow’s thoughts and wisdom. Filled with ideas, and messages personally written from Teepa, this isn’t just a plain notebook. Every time you use this notebook, it is like Teepa is sitting next to you providing you in-the-moment encouragement and support.

This notebook will:

Provide encouragement to you when you need it most
Provide things for you to consider as you build your support team
Provide tips on how to be your best self
Ways in which you can use this notebook:

This easy-to-hold, and convenient-to-carry notebook has many purposes.

Keep a list of all of the things you are thankful for
Take with you to doctor’s appointments
Give as a gift to anyone in your life
Keep in your purse or car so that you always have a place to make notes
Keep close by for moments when you need a little extra encouragement!