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Difficult Aging in Place Conversations: What Industry Experts Have to Say

Terminal diagnoses. Driving issues. Cognitive decline. Living conditions that are no longer safe.

Conversations around difficult topics can be challenging to initiate, but the consequences of ignoring difficult conversations can be devastating.

What conversations are you avoiding?

Don’t know where to start?

Worried your loved one will be offended or shut down?

Difficult Aging in Place Conversations helps you facilitate discussions covering topics in all five pillars of aging: housing, health and wellness, finance, transportation, and social interactions.

*End of Life Issues
*Transportation and Travel
*Medical Situations
*Housing and Accessibility Decisions
*Cultural Considerations, Family Issues, and Privacy

Aging-in-place experts share their knowledge, offer discussion tips on a variety of topics, and provide conversation starters to help the dialog flow in a constructive manner.

Time to start having those difficult conversations!