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Antiquing For Dummies

Do you love to poke around estate sales and antique shops, but can’t tell the difference between Queen Anne and Queen Victoria furniture? Do you dream of owning that old Oriental rug or Meissen figurine ― but worry that the dealer might gouge you on the price? Do you own pieces you think might be valuable ― but don’t know where to go for a reliable appraisal? Relax. Antiquing For Dummies answers all your antiquing questions―and more.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve already gotten your feet wet, this fun, friendly guide will give you the savvy you need to cruise, schmooze, bargain for, and care for antiques with confidence. In no time you’ll be able to:

Tell the difference between real antiques and stuff that’s just old
Develop an antique hunt plan of attack
Select antiques based on the 5 key points of the “RADAR Test”
Discover hidden treasures at garages, estate sales, auctions, and shops
Get the best deals when buying and selling antiques
Decorate with antique glass and porcelain from around the world
Clean and care for your precious finds
Work an auction―real-time and online
Writing with humor and common sense, Ron Zoglin and Deborah Shouse demystify the highfaluting terminology of the antique world. And step-by-step they walk you through all the antiquing essential, including:

Different furniture styles and periods of furniture and how to distinguish them
Dovetails, nails, and other construction elements that offer clues to a piece’s age
Where to go for the best antique bargains ― includes tips on how to bid at auctions in person or online
All about antique glass, ceramics and silver
Integrating antiques into your life at home and at the office
Antiquing For Dummies gets you up and running with what you need to know to find, research, and negotiate prices like a pro.