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A Message to My Grandchildren

16 Things I Want You to Know

As a grandfather, Robert P. Delamontagne, PhD, knew one thing for sure: he didn’t want his grandkids to have to suffer the negative outcomes of poor life decisions.

So he decided to write a short guide to life, something he could pass on to each of his grandchildren about the many things he’d learned along his journey.

A Message for My Grandchildren: Sixteen Things I Want You to Know is that guide, filled with musings, comments, tips, and advice for tackling some of life’s biggest challenges and adventures, including

friendship, family, and love;
humility, passion, and trust;
travel, career, and media; and
obstacles, problems, and personal responsibility.
With great insight, Delamontagne tackles issues that are relevant across generations and provides a starting point for grandparents to have these conversations with their grandchildren.

For grandparents wishing their grandkids a happy and productive life, A Message for My Grandchildren serves as a compass that leads them toward a life that is nothing short of marvelous. (For ages 11-16)