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A Heart Full of GEMS

“A Heart Full of Gems” by Teepa Snow is a story that teaches children to pay attention to and share in the human connection that can be maintained when a loved one is living with Alzheimer’s. This beautifully illustrated book can be shared with any child, removing their fear and anxiety of Alzheimer’s disease and replacing it with calm and confidence. Children learn to leave their worries behind and emerge with the understanding that it is Alzheimer’s causing the changes in grandma or grandpa, not them.

Written by leading Alzheimer’s educators, Reverend Linn Possell and Teepa Snow, parents and young readers will recognize the various GEMS to be found in their loved ones and also themselves. The Gems model advocates that everyone living with brain change, when given the opportunity will shine. “Heart Full of Gems” is a much-needed resource for any family, dealing with the reality of a loved one with Alzheimer’s. While told in simple words, the book is not childish or just for children. Rev. Linn Possell is a Positive ApproachTM to Care Mentor and PAC Skills trainer. Linn has been working with people living with dementia and their families for the past ten years. Linn is the author of Alzheimer’s: A Beautiful Spirit Celebrated and A Clergy Guide to Dementia.

Teepa Snow is one of America’s leading educators on dementia. Working as a Registered Occupational Therapist for over 30 years her wealth of experience has led her to develop Positive Approach to Care techniques and training models that now are used by families and professionals working or living with dementia or other brain changes throughout the world. Illustrated by Katya Villano