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10 Steps to Organized Caregiving

A Guide to Steer You Through Everything You Didn't Know You Needed to Know About Caregiving

Resources and tips from an experienced eldercare consultant who has been a caregiver herself.

Whether you suddenly became a caregiver overnight or you want to plan ahead, this book and accompanying fillable PDF serves as a practical manual to organize everything you need to provide the best quality of life for your loved one.
Use this manual to develop a strategic plan for caregiving and turn what can be a scary, overwhelming experience into one of gratitude and joy.

You’ll discover resources and tips to get organized and develop a caregiving plan that answers questions like:
How am I going to pay for care?
How do I manage a loved one’s disease?
How do I manage it all and avoid overwhelm?
How do I keep track of all these pills?
How and what do I feed someone who has medical issues?
How do I address safety issues?
How do I help give my loved one a sense of purpose?